How to Feel Instantly Twenty Years Younger

Don’t waste time and effort trying to push up, pull in or plump up your remaining reserves of sex appeal. It will be a waste of time and money. Instead mix with people considerably older than you are.

Today I experienced the equivalent of having 10 years taken off my age. People wanted to talk to me, be my friend and sit next to me. They laughed at my jokes, hung on my every word and want to see me again. That’s because today for the first time I helped out at the local village hall serving lunch to the “old” people. When I say “old” actually they looked quite young to me, but apparently the average age is about 85. That’s what happens when you get a little bit old yourself, just like policemen looking young old when you are middle aged, when you are in your sixties “old”people start looking young.

I commend it to you as a way of making yourself feel younger, and more useful. What’s more they are fabulously good company.

Way to go, and who knows one day someone might make me a giant ginger sponge pudding on a weekday lunchtime.