jholder-profile-picHi, I’m Judith Holder. I’ve spent my life making TV programmes and writing books, which is another way of saying I’ve never really had a proper job. In the last 10 years I’ve been mining a seam of comedy about getting older writing and producing Grumpy Old Women for BBC Two and writing the stage shows (with Jenny Eclair). We created something of a tribe. Women of a certain age with attitude and mischief. Recently I’ve done something a bit bonkers – a research fellowship at Oxford University looking at older age in a proper intelligent sort of way. This blog is the result of my findings and thoughts …

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Love what you’re doing! Just been alerted to your project via my Twitter friend @ReadEatWriteRun & v grateful to her. It seems there’s a growing little army of us chipping away at all the negative stuff around ageing that dominates our cultural narratives; hurrah! Hopefully by writing here I can follow your journey…v good wishes, Alex


    1. Dear Alex, I’m so sorry I missed this- I am a bit special needs when it comes to technology although am trying hard to improve… how interesting what you are doing too!
      I am working on a new series for C4 which is in this neck of the woods… would be really good to liaise…. what are you up to at the minute?


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