Happiness is an elusive thing

Trouble with happiness is the more you seek it out the less successful you often are. Which is why with a week on a paradise island recently in the Seychelles I realised that by day 5 I was ready to come home. Don’t get me wrong it was fabulous – as in pink sandy beaches, coconut trees and turquoise sea. You’re hating me now aren’t you…. BUT with nothing to do except enjoy oneself, it did get a bit… well, if I’m honest…. boring. The highlight of the holiday was when the Brits staying at the 5 star hotel on an isolated island with no shops or bars clubbed together to hire a boat to take us to the mainland in order to get supplies of tonic water, gin and pineapples. Our aim – to avoid buying overpriced drinks in the bar and mini bar. …… and so with adversity came happiness in the form of cheers and whoops of joy. IMG_3936