Digital detox undone

I spent four days in Switzerland last month doing a digital detox and loved the effects of it.

I marvelled at my ability to live without my iPhone, looked pityingly on passers-by who were walking and texting at the same time, as well as hotel guests eating breakfast while clearing emails and cleared my head. I felt positively superior, cleansed and chilled. I vowed not to look at my inbox after 6pm ever again.

Two weeks later I’m pretty much back where I started. I know it’s hideously bad for me, but after a couple of hours yesterday of trying to renew domains which I had ignored for months but had to be done, along with the inevitable hell of lost passwords, mis-saved new passwords, and forgotten user names I find it is 6pm and I haven’t actually achieved anything I want to at all.

Technology simply eats up my time, and before I know it I have been sitting at my desk for 4 hours, and I thought it was all supposed to speed our lives up. Because everything I do is now online I’m now travel agent, accountant, secretary and banker before I start doing any actual work.

Time saving? I’m not sure.

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